Privacy & Security

We take your security seriously

At Nutri-Link Technologies, we know that a sustainable technological infrastructure relies on security. When you choose our software, you can be sure student privacy and maintaining a secure online environment are a top priority.

  • Our security protocols exceed current federal policies that provide guidance to school districts on privacy, confidentiality, and security practices.

  • You own your data — we will never sell it to another party and it is never shared with another technology partner without your express permission.

  • Our security strategy includes audits and evaluations in order to ensure we are always using up-to-date practices and systems to protect your data from exposure to malicious attacks.

  • In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of our data, we have put in place physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to secure the information we store.


Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. adheres to the following guiding principles in maintaining our customers’ data:
  • Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. acknowledges that all personally identifiable information (PII) of our customers is their property.

  • Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. only maintains personal data needed for the satisfactory operation of its web applications.

  • Data received from our customers is used solely for purposes of providing educational services. Such data will not be sold or used for marketing purposes.

  • Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. keeps all personal data confidential and secure. Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc’s team members are bound by contractual non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Our team members regularly undergo data security and data privacy trainings.

Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. implements the following measures in order to protect your data:
  • Authorized and limited access to personal data.

  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit.

  • Constant data systems monitoring.

  • Internal data governance policies and protocols.

  • Permanent data deletion protocols following contract expiration when data is no longer needed or upon direction from our customer.

  • Data privacy and security response protocols which include prompt notification of affected customers of a data breach and a prompt   investigation of the incident. Nutri-Link Technologies is committed to restoring the integrity of its data systems as soon as practically possible following the discovery of an incident.

  • Nutri-Link Technologies is committed to full cooperation with customers affected by the breach should such an incident occur.

  • Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. enables users, or their authorized parents/guardians, to review personal information maintained by Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. and correct erroneous information.

  • Nutri-Links Technologies maintains insurance policies to protect the customers it serves.

  • Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc. may be required by law to disclose personal data to public authorities. Additional information is contained in our software license and service level agreements.