A simple and efficient solution for schools to manage and collect online payments.

OnlineSchoolFees is the most user-friendly solution in the EdTech industry for collecting payments from parents. It only shows fees to relevant audiences based on pre-set criteria such as a grade level, classroom, club, etc. No more confusion or endless scrolling!

The system’s management and reporting tools make it easy for teachers and administrators to gather data and reconcile accounts.

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How does OnlineSchoolFees work?

School administrators setup fees and activities for students to purchase online or in person. Fees can be assigned to a school or schools, grade, teacher or to individual students. They can also be assigned to courses and specific teachers. Pricing can be assigned for Free, Reduced, Full Pay students as well as Staff. Details of the fee include a description, contact information, resource information and start and end date as well as order deadline date.

Fees can be setup to allow quantities, sizes, and colors. Questions can be assigned to a fee requiring answers from the user. A full suite of reports is available for purchased fees and revenue.

OnlineSchoolFees Benefits

  • Streamlined secure payments

  • Improved accuracy

  • Any type of fees

  • Covers donations, fundraising and event ticketing

OnlineSchoolFees Features

  • Highly customizable

  • Suitable for small schools and large districts

  • Daily, weekly, monthly payment options

  • Free and reduced meal settings

  • Robust reporting capability

Full List of Features

Donations and Fundraising

OnlineSchoolFees is simple and efficient solution for schools to manage and collect Donations and Fundraise.  

  • Create Fundraising for Entire School to the Class or Activity Level
  • Set Start and End Dates
  • Collect donor information
  • Add custom images, text or fields to the description
  • Easy Donations, no login required

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Event Ticketing

OnlineSchoolFees is a highly customizable solution that helps manage and collect event tickets and registrations.

  • Create tickets for Sports, Theater, any event!
  • Set multiple prices and track ticket sales
  • Refund tickets
  • Purchase, Transfer and Scan or print QR codes

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OnlineSchoolFees helps adminstrators send out billing to parent/guardians for any student for any fee.

  • Create an invoice for a student or students in the same family for any of your billing needs
  • Parents can view their invoices online, pay their invoices online and have a history of paid invoices online
  • Billing reports show who has paid invoices and who has not paid
  • Send email reminders to those users that have not paid their invoices
  • Invoice payments can be paid in-person at the school if desired
  • Integrates directly with CurbSmart to create invoices for Before/After School Care

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