The easiest way to save your staff work and increase federal revenues for your school or school district.

Nutri-Form is an online solution that captures household income to determine eligibility for state and federal grants and funding such as Community Eligibility Program (CEP), E-rate, Title 1, LCFF, technology grants, and many other programs. 

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How does Nutri-Form work?

Parent or guardian will access the income survey from a link provided. The form will guide them step-by-step to complete the survey and ensure each requirement is properly completed. Results of the income survey are automatically received into the admin site of Nutri-Form after completion. School or district staff then can review the form and an eligibility status is determined. Multiple reporting capabilities are provided through the interface.


  • Offers your district the ability to collect financial information from households that do not collect Free & Reduced meal applications.

  • Can be used to collect information so that your district can qualify for additional programs.

  • Captures information needed for your E-Rate Title 1, and other state/federally funded programs.

  • Makes it possible for CEP schools to qualify for additional federal funding.

  • Nutri-Form is private, secure, and reduces your district’s labor costs.

  • Customizable to meet many different types of household income forms

  • Same day form submission and processing

  • Add multiple users for administration

  • Available in 33 languages

  • Millions of income surveys have been processed in multiple states


  • Multiple options to collect income such as per individual person, range, table, or total household income
  • Ability to export form data in several different formats

  • Can calculate Eligibility based on Income or Case Number and other criteria

  • Customize sections to accommodate simplified household income collection

  • Set Your Start and End Dates

  • Create Preview Link for State Approval

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