CurbSmart is an online dismissal system to organize the school dismissal process. CurbSmart helps staff enter and track students as parents arrive, and CurbSmart gives parents access to add authorized pickups, make transportation changes, manage carpools with other parents at the school, and check-in when they arrive on campus for afternoon pick-up. See resources below for Parents & Guardians using the CurbSmart App for ride changes, approved adults updates and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Parents can register for a CurbSmart account at Before you register, you’ll need to know your school code and placard number. Both are provided by the school. Nutri-Link cannot provide that information to you.
  2. To set up your account, click Create an Account, then enter your first and last name, email, username, password, relationship to the student(s), and a contact number.
  3. Next, enter your school code. Then, you’ll see a space to enter your placard number.
  4. Once complete, click Create Account. You’ll be prompted to verify the birthdates for each student on your account.
  5. If you’re the first parent to register that is assigned to the placard number, your account will be successfully created. However, if another parent has already registered for an account using that same placard number, you will need to send a request to the parent to be added to the account. Click the button ‘Send Request to Join Account’ to send the request. You’ll receive an email if the parent accepts your request.

You’re seeing this message because another person has already signed up for a CurbSmart account using this placard number, making them the account owner. You can request to be added to the CurbSmart account by clicking the button ‘Send Request to Join Account”. You’ll receive an email when the main parent, or account owner, responds to your request.

Login to your CurbSmart Parent account. From the home screen, click View Approved Adults. Click the green Add button at the bottom of the screen, then Add Parent/Guardian. Enter the new parent/guardian’s information. If you provide an email address for the new parent/guardian, you’ll see an option to send them an invitation to set up their CurbSmart account. If this setting remains on, then when you Save, the new parent/guardian will receive an email with a link and a unique invite code where they can set up their own CurbSmart account. The invite code will expire after 48 hours, but you can send another one from the parent/guardian list by clicking the Envelope icon (on a computer browser) or by tapping the parent/guardian’s name, then scroll down to the bottom and press the Re-Send Invite Code button.

Students are added by the school. Please reach out to your school to assist with adding students to your CurbSmart account.

If your school has chosen to allow parents to register for an account, then your school will provide you with a 4-digit school code. Please contact your school if you need this number.

  1. From a computer browser, login to your CurbSmart account and go to the ‘My Students’ tab.
  2. Click the blue ‘Add to Carpool’ link, which is found next to each student in your list.
  3. From the CurbSmart Parent app (or a mobile browser), select ‘Create Carpool’ from the home screen, then select the applicable student.
  4. Enter the name of the student with whom your child will be riding home.
  5. Click the blue plus sign next to the appropriate student.
  6. Then, select the date that the carpool will occur. Select ‘Today’ if the carpool is scheduled for today. If the carpool will occur on a single date in the future, select ‘Date Range,’ then select the future date as the Start and End Date. The ‘All School Year’ option allows you to set a recurring carpool throughout the school year, like if your student will be riding home with the same family each Monday

When you see the grey button ‘Check-In (not started)’, it means that the school has not begun the release process in CurbSmart yet. Once your school starts the process, the button will turn to a green ‘Check-In’ button automatically. Then, you can proceed with checking in for your student.

You will need to register for a CurbSmart account for each school. When you register for a CurbSmart account, you will be asked to provide the school’s unique 4-digit code and your student(s)’ placard number. Once you’ve successfully registered for the first school, then you’ll complete the same process for the additional schools. Be sure to use the same email address and password for each school and enter the school’s 4-digit code and placard number per school. After you’ve registered, you can switch between schools by clicking the menu in the top left corner, then Change School.


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