See resources below for Parents & Guardians using MyMealOrder for meal ordering troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Enter all information in the fields provided, including Display Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Username/Password, Security Question/Answer, and your School District.
  2. Click “Add Student to your Account” to proceed.
  3. You will have an opportunity to edit your account in the future if needed.  There, you will also find a few options to customize your Account for Email Notifications.
  1. After you complete the Registration page, click “Add Student to your Account”.
  2. Add the students Student Identification number (please contact your district to obtain this number)
  3. Enter student’s last name as registered in school
  4. Enter the School student attends
  5. Select “Add Student”
  6. Repeat this for each student attending this school district.  Each name will appear in the list at the bottom of the window.  You can remove students at any time.
  7. Once all students have been entered, click “Begin Planning Your Meal” to proceed.

From the View Cart window, select “Checkout”  to save and complete your Order and pay.

Review:  The screen will once again list all items placed in the Cart for Review.  The bottom of the Review will display the Remaining Account Balance, as well as the Amount Due for this Order.

Available Balance:  If there is Remaining Account Balance available, the system will deduct the total amount due from your Remaining Account Balance and complete the transaction.

No Available Balance:  If the Remaining Account Balance is less than the Amount Due for this Order, selecting Place Order will open the Credit Card Processing Screen to process and complete your Order.

After you click “Checkout” you will be taken to a pop-up window which will display all items in your cart.  Click the green “Place Order” button to proceed.

Enter all required information.  You can Save your credit card information (optional) to your account, so that future Meal Orders can be charged without prompting your credit card information each time.

Select Next – to verify information.

Select Back – to return to the Order Review screen.

Select Cancel – to return to the Order screen.

After you are logged in, on any screen, select (Change Password)  from the Navigation Bar.  Enter your current password in the pop-up window, then enter your new password, and re-enter for verfication.  Press the “Change Password” button to complete the process.

After you are logged in, on any screen, select “My Account”, click the X next to the stored payment you want to delete, then click Save Settings. You can then add a new one from this screen or the next time you checkout, enter your new credit card or ACH information and check the box “save for future purchase”, that will add the new stored payment. 

Once orders are processed through the Checkout, Orders can be viewed in the Orders Menu Option at the top navigation bar at the top of the screen. 
Orders are listed separately for each date, and for each student.  Select Details to view details of the order selected. 
Status is indicated by: 
Purchased – indicated items have been successfully ordered and payment processed. 
Refunded – indicates an order has been canceled and the amount refunded to the Account Balance. 
Voided – indicates orders voided by School Administrators. 

Select Edit Account from the top Navigation bar.  
Here you can Update your: 
Phone #’s 
Email Address 
Security Question 
Email Notifications: 
Administration Cancelation – in the event that the District Administration needs to cancel an order, checking this option will suppress any email notifications to you (Default=unchecked – Email Notifications accepted) 
Incomplete Order – in the event you add items to the Cart, but do not complete the Order Transaction, checking this option will suppress any email notifications to you (Default= unchecked – Email Notifications accepted) 
Opt Out of all Notifications – checking this option will suppress ALL email notifications to you (Default= unchecked – Email Notifications accepted) 

Select “View Cart” from the right-side of the screen anytime to view items placed in your cart.  The Cart will show each menu/item, for each day ordered, by student.  The Cart will show the item Ordered, date of the scheduled Menu, Price, Qty, and Description. 
Select the “X” next to any item you want to remove from the Cart.  You can also close the Cart and remove an order from the Week or Month View by pressing the Red “Cancel” button. 
Select “Checkout” to save and complete your Order and pay. 
Select “Empty Cart” to empty the Cart and remove all items placed in the Cart. 

From any view simply click the Green “Add to Cart” Button.  You can also click on the menu item and order from the pop up window by clicking the Green “Add to Cart” Button. 


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