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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created a helpful guide “Preparing for the Upcoming School Year Guide”, and it’s available in the Documents & Marketing Resources section below. Please refer to this document for specific information.

Our team will email our primary contacts for each school near the end of the current school year with specific instructions and information regarding the new school year. We’ll direct you to upload a student file that contains students enrolled in the upcoming school year into CurbSmart for our team to import. We recommend submitting this to us at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to the new school year start date to provide ample time for our team to import the data and provide the placard numbers. You’ll need to print and distribute the hangtags to parents, so the sooner you send us the data, the faster you’ll receive the updated placard numbers.

When you upload your student data for the new school year into CurbSmart, you’ll be prompted to complete a short questionnaire that asks about your school year start date, the best person to contact for questions regarding the student data, and whether you’d like to assign new placard numbers to all students or re-use the same placard numbers for returning students.

When you’ve completed the questionnaire and uploaded the data, our team will receive a notification and will import your data into CurbSmart. Our team will send you an email when the data has been imported.

In CurbSmart, we can apply filters to a user so that the user will only see students in that grade, classroom, etc. If a user is having trouble seeing the right students, have the user log out and log back in. This will refresh the user’s filter. If issues persist, verify that the user has the correct filter applied.

You can view the user’s filter in the CurbSmart Admin site, then under System Settings > User Management. Click the Filter icon in the Action column to the right of the user’s name. Lastly, verify that the student is designated in the appropriate filter. For example, check that the student is assigned to the correct classroom, grade, etc.

If you are an Inside Admin, then first, make sure you are on the “Inside Admin” tab. This is where the students should appear once they are entered by the Entry Admin. If your school uses buses, then you should see Car Riders on the Inside Admin > Release to Parent tab. Bus riders should appear on the Inside Admin > Release to Bus tab.

Also, have your School Admin check that you have the appropriate filter applied to your account. It’s possible your filter is not set correctly. You can also log out (click on the menu in the top right, then choose Log Out), then log back in to see if that resolves the issue. If you are an Outside Admin, then students will only appear once they are released from the Inside Admin screen. Also, have your School Admin check that your filter is applied correctly. It’s possible that your filter is not set correctly. You can also log out, and log back in to see if that resolves the issue.

Either the placard does not have a student assigned to it (you can check in Student Management. Search for the placard number to see if there is a student assigned). Or, the student was added and assigned to the placard after the Begin Release process started in CurbSmart. The Begin Release button serves as a cut-off point for any new students or changes, so if you enter reset the process or try entering the same placard number tomorrow, you’ll see the student appear. 


You are attempting to enter the placard number of a student that has already been entered in the list. If you don’t see the student in the list on the Entry Admin screen, then it may be helpful to refresh the page. It’s possible there could have been a break in the connection on your device from when the placard was entered to communicating with the CurbSmart servers.

In the top part of the screen, you should see a green ‘connected’ box. If you see this, then you are connected.

Since CurbSmart is web-based, it’s important to have a good internet connection for it to work well. We recommend trying CurbSmart in the location where you’ll typically be during release to ensure you have a good connection to the internet. In some cases, your device may automatically switch from Wi-Fi to Cellular data, which can cause a delay, so if you’re near the end of your Wi-Fi’s range, it is best to temporarily disconnect or turn off Wi-Fi during dismissal and rely on cellular data only.

Yes, it is possible to do a test-run in CurbSmart before dismissal. To do so, start the process as normal by pressing the ‘Begin Release’ button when logged in as an Entry Admin. Enter placard numbers and/or buses and release students. Once you’ve finished your test, you can reset the process from the CurbSmart Admin panel. Login as the School Admin account – from the Summary screen, you’ll see a green button ‘Reset Process’. Click this, then confirm you’re ready to reset, and the process will reset so that it’s ready for the afternoon dismissal. Please note that resetting the process will clear all history from the previous release.

CurbSmart will automatically reset each night, so you do not need to end or reset the dismissal to prepare for tomorrow.

A parent will see that message because another parent has already created an account with that placard number. The first parent to register for a CurbSmart account becomes the account owner. The parent who is attempting to register will see a button to request to join the account. An email will be sent to the account owner notifying them of the pending parent. The account owner will login to their CurbSmart account and view the pending request in the View Approved Adults section. Once they’ve responded to the request to join, the pending parent will receive an email confirmation and can login, if they have been approved.

School Admins can also view the pending approvals from Parent Management. Click the Adults link to view the pending requests. If the School Admin responds to a request, both the parent who is the account owner and the pending parent will receive an email with the response.


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